How to Guide - Cupping Massage

Before using the product

  • Make sure the device is fully charged
  • Keep the device clean and dry
  • Keep your hands dry when using the product
  • Ensure the cotton filter and the filter plug are installed properly
  • Do not use on cuts / bruises

Refer to the maintenance of the product here

Step 1 - Test the suction power (Using for the first time)

Lux Fem microdermabrasion handset with cupping massage attachment

  • Attach the Cupping head attachment
  • It is recommended to first use on your back with the help of a family member
  • Start with the lowest power level
  • Switch on by pressing the power button and long press to stop the suction when enough vacuum pressure is applied
  • Usually level 1 - 2 has enough suction power
  • Once you are satisfied that cupping massage is comfortable on your skin, proceed with the therapy

Step 2 - Cupping massage

Cupping massage using Lux Fem Microdermabrasion Handset

  • Place on the back or neck area then press the power button once to enter the Sustained Suction mode
  • When there is enough pressure switch off the suction by long pressing the power button
  • Remove the handset from the attachment and leave 5 - 10 minutes depending on the physical needs *
  • Remove the cupping head by gently lifting the bleed valve inside the cupping head

 Bleed valve of the cupping massage attachment

Using suction and release mode to imitate hand massage

Hand massage
  • By double clicking the power button Lux Fem handset activates the Suction and Release mode (4 second suction and 1 second release)
  • Move the device along the area required to massage
  • This improves blood circulation and relaxes muscle tension
  • Always get help of a family member while using this function


Cupping massage is painless but it results in red marks due to stagnant blood being pulled to the surface. These marks will disappear within 3 - 5 days

Please consult a Chinese medicine guidance for best practices and massage points on the body